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The Post-Graduate Master Course has been approved and funded by the European Social Fund
Bando Regionale per Master Universitari di I e II livello 2008/2009 – D.D. n. 345 del 04/08/2008

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Why this post graduate master course

Thanks to its innovative programme, SEEDS aims to meet the request emerging from the European Space Industry of a new generation of high level specialists, whose main characteristics are to be educated in an international environment and to have gathered an experience in working on advanced projects in some of the most renowned Space Centres, Agencies and Companies of the European Union.

To fulfil these objectives, SEEDS originates from the collaboration of three European universities, namely an Italian (Politecnico di Torino), a German and a French one (Supaero Toulouse, now ISAE), all located in towns whose common feature is that of hosting industries and research centres linked to one another by a long-standing tradition of co-operation in space.

The main object of SEEDS is the exploration of the space and the development of the related systems. It deliberately differs from the utilization of the space, which forms the object of other existing master courses (most of them on national bases). Selecting the space exploration as its principal theme, SEEDS aims to harness the most recent development lines emerging in the space strategies of both the European Union and the USA and, according to these strategies, to prepare the specialists who will be required in the near future.