unione europeaministero del lavoro, della salute e delle politiche socialiregione piemonte
Politecnico di Torino COREP

Who can attend

A Bac+5 level degree (e.g. French Diplôme d’Ingénieur, Italian Laurea Magistrale or former 5-year Laurea, German Diplom or equivalent degree at MSc level) in Industrial Engineering (Aerospace, Mechanical, Thermal, Nuclear, Electronics …), in Information and Communications Technologies or in Physical Sciences is required. Special cases (4-year BSc or BEng degrees) may also be considered, particularly if coupled to some professional experiences.

It is required to the participants a good knowledge of English.

A maximum number of 15 participants is foreseen in Torino (N.6 places will be reserved to foreign candidates). An equal number holds for each of the two other European sites.

The selection is based on the curricula of the applicants and oral interviews. 

A Selection’s Board, made up of the Director, the Educational Project Manager, the COREP Organizational Coordinator of the Master and some representatives of the academia or the Space Industry, will examine all submitted application forms and curricula and reject those not complying to the general requests to be enrolled in the SEEDS Master Course.

The selected applicants will then be admitted to an oral interview in English. During this interview, knowledge about Informatics (Internet, E-mail, Windows, Word and Excel), if not certified by given exams, will be tested.

At the end of the selection process a list of the successful applicants will be produced. These will be enrolled in the SEEDS Master Course according to the position in the list and to the number of available places.