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Politecnico di Torino COREP


In order to apply for a Master or a specializing Course please fill in the Subscription Form (download: .doc or .pdf) and send it by the deadline in one of the following way:


The application is unbinding. It only aims to be admitted to the selection.


Following documentation (the list of documents is also provided in Italian at the note ╣) must be provided in attachment:

Incompletes application forms won’t be considered as valid.

The COREP Secretariat Office will send an acknowledge of receipt (by phone or by e-mail) of the application in 3 working days. If you don’t receive any communications, please contact our Office by phone or e-mail.

For more info please call the Info-Point: Tel +39 011 0905107. E-mail: formazione@corep.it


Note ╣




At the end of the selection a definitive classification list of the eligible candidates will be written. These candidates will receive, subject to available places, the proposal to be registered to the Master.

The student will regularize the registration through the apposite form(“Confirmation of registration”).

It is correct to specify that:

Further information about documents for foreign students are available on the site: www.esteri.it/visti/home.asp

Personal data will be used by COREP according to Italian laws (Article n. 13 Legislative decree n. 196/03).

For a correct visualitation of the documents in the .doc format, we suggest to use a 2003 or an upper version of Micrososft Office.  Previous  versions  to the one of 2003 could not allow the correct visualitation of the document (for ex. COREP's logo not visible), however this problem will not jeopardize the validity of the application.

For .PDF format we suggest to use Adobe Acrobat version 6 or upper. In order to download the programme: