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Politecnico di Torino COREP

Tuition fee/Period/Venue

Tuition Fee

The Postgraduate Master Course has been approved and funded by the European Social Fund (Bando Regionale per Master Universitari di I e II livello 2008/2009 – D.D. n. 345 del 04/08/2008).

Thanks to new sponsorships the tuition fee is 3.000,00 Euro. This rate is intended for the whole SEEDS course and includes also the university fees.

The Master will take place if the minimum number of 10 participants is reached. The Scientific Committee may decide to activate the Post Graduate Master Course with a reduced participant's number.

Accommodation and travel costs during the all teaching and Project Work phases are to be sustained by the students.

All Italian students enrolled in Post-graduated Master Courses managed by COREP can get an "ad honorem loan" for an amount of 5.000 Euro per year given by UniCredit Bank. To get the loan it is sufficient to present an Enrolment Certification to the Master, without other requirements. Further information can be asked to the COREP Master Secretariat.


The course will be held from November 2008 to December 2009.

The first 6 months of lectures and exercises in Torino will be held at COREP, C.so Trento 13.

The Introduction to the SEEDS Project Work activity will be performed in Torino at the Space Centre ESTEC.

In the first three editions of SEEDS the Project Work phases have been sequentially performed in Toulouse (CNES, EADS Astrium …), Bremen (EADS ST, OHB Systems …) and Torino (Thales Alenia Space, ALTEC ...) under the supervision of senior experts from the local Space Industry and of the general Project Work co-ordinator are included extensive stage periods. The reported sequence may be modified each year according to the educational and organizational needs and to the availability of the local partners. It is expected that – as in the first three editions – the final Project Work discussion will be held at the ESA ESTEC Space Centre in Noordwijk, Olanda.

Information on the Partner Universities can be found in the European SEEDS Web site: www.seeds-master.eu